The Tales of a Blair Family    

nb004.gif (38415 bytes)David Samuel Knox was born October 29, 1877 in Abbeville, South Carolina, the son of Samuel Blair Knox and Amanda Elizabeth Crawford.  He attended Howard University [now Samford].  A graduate of the Georgia Medical School in Augusta, Georgia in 1905, he was employed as a physician for Tennessee Coal and Iron.  David was married December 26, 1916 in Abbeville, South Carolina to Sadie Pauline Prince.  Sadie was born November 17, 1895 in Abbeville to Joe P. and Nina Suber Prince.

David lost an eye to cancer and wore a patch as an older man.  When the cancer returned, he took his own life.  He died on February 8, 1950 in his office next to his home.

David and Sadie had two sons; Herbert Blair Knox who was born October 21, 1918 and died March 7 1992.  He married Mary Ann Torbett, February 27, 1942 in Bristol, Tennessee.  She was the daughter of Conley Clayton & Margaret Wade Torbett.  Herbert served as a Captain during WWII.  He and Mary Ann had three children; Samuel Blair, Margaret, and Wade Conley Knox.  Dr. George Alton Knox, the second son, was born June 6, 1926, and was a large animal vet.  He never married, and lives in the family home in Abbeville.

by Nancy Knox Schaffer, 1998