Bible Records of
Samuel Blair Knox

The Tales of a Blair Family    

Family Record

Samuel Blair Knox and Amanda Elizabeth Crawford were married February 19th, 1874 by Reverend W. E. Walters

Samuel Blair Knox was born January 9th 1845.

Amanda Elizabeth Crawford was born August 7th 1853.



John Crawford Knox was born March 21st 1876.

David Samuel Knox was born October 29th 1877.

Roscoe Conklin Knox was born January 6th 1880.

Mayme Belle Knox was born January 4th 1885.



John Crawford Knox and Ollie Christine McAdams were married January 10th 1901 by Reverend J. F. McKinnon.

Roscoe Conklin Knox and Maud E. Kay were married in year 1903.

Mary Elizabeth Knox and Marvin M. McAdams were married in year 1909. Married to Luther Lee in year 1920.

David Samuel Knox and Sadie P. Prince were married December 26th 1916.



Samuel Blair Knox died November 4th 1904.

Amanda Elizabeth Crawford Knox died December 18, 1931, age 79.

Mayme Belle Knox McAdams died March 12th 1935, age 49.

John Crawford Knox died December 20th 1943, age 67 years, 9 months.

Dr. David Samuel Knox died February 8th 1950, age 73.

Roscoe Conklin Knox died June 1958, age 78.



Samuel Ralph Knox was born December 24th 1901, only son of John C. Knox. He married a Simpson of near Birmingham, Ala.

R. C. Knox has three children, Mary, Roscoe Jr. and Charles, no record of ages. Mary Elizabeth (Mayme) Knox McAdams Lee has one son, Harold Knox McAdams. Dr. David Samuel and Sadie P. Knox have two boys, Herbert Blair born October 21st 1918 and George Alton, born June 6, 1926.