The Tales of a Blair Family    

Daniel Blair was born January 12, 1821 in Raloo, County Antrim, northern Ireland.  He was the eldest son of Patrick Blair and his first wife, Janet Drummond.  Daniel came to America with his family in 1835 and lived  in Crawford County, Pennsylvania until the discovery of gold in California.   Daniel was among thousands of people who raced to California after gold was discovered there in 1849.  He arrived there in 1850 and it's not known how he did in the mining business but he eventually became a successful rancher in Colusa County, California.  He was killed in 1871 in a train accident with his sister, Nancy Blair White, in Pennsylvania.  Daniel was in Pennsylvania to attend the funeral of his brother-in-law, Henry Bole, and the accident occurred while returning from the funeral. The deaths occurred October 14, 1871 and both were buried in Mt. Blair cemetery in Crawford County, PA.  Daniel never married so his estate was divided up among both his half and full siblings and the surviving children of those siblings who had died before him.  The estate was worth about $32,000, quite a healthy sum for those days.  His brother, James Drummond Blair, who also lived in California, served as executor of the will.

A newspaper account of the train accident appears on Nancy Blair White's page.